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Shanghai Yipan Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Yipan Car Washing Machine, an early domestic company engaged in independent research and development and production of automatic car washing machines.

Is a professional engaged in automatic computer car washing system research and development, production, sales, service one

Main Products: Automatic Car Washer, Computer Car Washer, Semi-automatic Car Washer, Wax Machine, Surrounding Type

Car Washer; Gantry Washer, Contactless Washer; Swing Washer; Mobile Washer Price; SPA Computer Washer; High Pressure Water Flow Washer; Computer Full

Automatic car washer; Gantry car washer; Professional die processing; Professional gantry car washer; Professional car washer; Machine parts processing; Professional mobile car washer; SPS

Rotary automatic car washer; Contactless car washer.

The company is located in Shanghai, the charming capital of China. It has a very high international reputation. It is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta and has a strong reputation.

Funds and human resources. For all of us, customer satisfaction is our greatest driving force! In order to reciprocate our customers'love for Yipan:

The company decided to guarantee all machines free of charge for three years. Mainly in the production and processing of car washers, the company focuses on the research of fully automatic computer car washers.

On the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of the world's counterparts, we adopt the unique design concept and combine the market situation of domestic car washing industry. After years of continuous research and measurement

Through further innovation and testing, a new generation of car washing equipment suitable for the public, with high cost performance, reliable performance and stability has been developed.

Yipan computer car washer is mainly used to wash the appearance of various cars and small and medium-sized vans with high-pressure water, detergent, scrubbing and wax washing.

When the vehicle enters the car washroom, the small gravel and dust attached to the car body are completely washed away by the swinging high-pressure water knife, and then sprayed with foaming cleaning fluid.

And a number of groups of high-end car washers special brush rolling on the vehicle surface and hub for all-round package cleaning, so that the car surface more bright as new. Shanghai Yipan upholds; specializes

Industry, pragmatism, integrity, innovation; business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide quality services to our customers. After many years of climbing

Struggle and effort, products have been spread throughout the country! Since Yipan car washer entered the car wash industry market, it keeps close contact with every signed customer and keeps up with them.

Track the use of climbing car washers in different environments, constantly update and upgrade, in order to achieve; full maintenance, zero warranty; The next climb is with you! Main camp

Products: car washer; automatic car washer; computer car washer; semi-automatic car washer; wax washer; surround car washer; contactless washing

Car Machine; Swing Car Washing Machine; Mobile Car Washing Machine; SPA Computer Car Washing Machine; High Pressure Water Flow Washing Machine; Computer Automatic Car Washing Machine; Gantry Car Washing Machine; Professional Model

Tool processing; Professional gantry car washer; Professional car washer; Machine parts processing; Professional mobile car washer; SPS rotary automatic car



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